Shenstone, William

A “delightful Paradise”: The Leasowes Cult

Image: Title page from vol. I of James Dodsley’s 1765 edition of Shenstone’s works. His brother, Robert… read more »

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Appreciating the Landscape: Robert Dodsley and the Leasowes

Image: Map from ‘A Description of the Leasowes, the Seat of the late William Shenstone, Esq’, by… read more »

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Image: Engraving of William Shenstone receiving a crown of laurels from Apollo, the Greek and Roman God… read more »

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Introduction: William Shenstone and the Leasowes

“…they observed a Gentleman in his own hair…the now celebrated Mr. Shenstone, whose place began to be… read more »

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Shenstone and English Landscape Gardening

Image: An engraving of Hagley Park, showing a Gothic folly and Greek temple at Hagley with deer grazing… read more »

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Shenstone and the Creation of the Natural Landscape

Image: This engraving represents a scene within William Shenstone’s estate at the Leasowes, possibly “Virgil’s Grove”, named after… read more »

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Shenstone and the Locality

Image: A View of the Church at Halesowen in Shropshire. Shenstone was interested in the affairs of… read more »

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Shenstone, Landscape and Farming

Image: This engraving of the remodelled Leasowes reveals the combination of the practical activity of farming, in this… read more »

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Shenstone, Poetry and Landscape

Image: Illustration accompanying the poem, ‘Rural Elegance, an Ode to the late Duchess of Somerset’, by William Shenstone… read more »

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Shenstone, Rural Virtues and the Countryside

Image: An engraving of a harmonious rural landscape with a cottage and church. The idealised nature of the… read more »

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Shenstone’s Early Life

Image: An engraving of Shenstones’s Leasowes showing the house on top of the hill to the right and… read more »

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Shenstone’s Embellishments to the Leasowes

Image: Engraving of a classical urn set amongst trees accompanying ‘Elegies, written on many different Occasions’ by William… read more »

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Shenstone’s Influence

Image: Engraving of William Shenstone unrolling a scroll ‘Hints towards the Elements of Taste’, held at the… read more »

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The Reputation of the Leasowes

Image: Engraving of Hagley Hall, Worcestershire, the residence of the Lyttletons, which was designed by Sanderson Miller… read more »

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William Shenstone, The Leasowes, and Landscape Gardening

William Shenstone was born in 1714 and died in 1763. His fame rests on his reputation as… read more »

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“Beauty and Simplicity”: Descriptions of the Leasowes

Image: Engraving of Virgil’s Grove at the Leasowes. There is a view of one of the cascades… read more »

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