Keir, James


A Portrait of James Keir

James Keir: Chemist, Geologist, Industrialist and Inventor James Keir was born in Stirlingshire, Scotland in 1735. He… read more »

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Educating Amelia

Image: Portrait of James Keir and his granddaughter. Image from: Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery Day’s problems… read more »

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James Keir and the Geology and Industry of the Black Country: Mineralogy of the South-west part of Staffordshire, 1798

Image: The Wren’s Nest from The Black Country – Sixteen Etchings of Scenes in the Coal and Iron… read more »

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Letter from James Keir to James Watt, 1802/04/24

Keir writes to Watt concerning the death of their friend and fellow Lunar Society member, Dr. Erasmus… read more »

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Matthew Boulton’s Soho Works, Iron Foundry and House at Soho near Birmingham, 1801

Stebbing Shaw’s The History and Antiquities of Staffordshire (1798 and 1801) is a major source not only for the… read more »

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The other side of the Coin: Women and the Lunar Men

Image: Joseph Wright of Derby (1734-1797), An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump(Exhibited 1768). Oil on Canvas.… read more »

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