Bewdley Snuff Mill

Image: Close-up of the abandoned snuff mill, Golden Valley, near Tickenhill, Bewdley (early 20th century). [Image from: Bewdley… read more »

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Charles Bage and Iron Construction

Image: The ground floor of Charles Bage’s Ditherington Mill showing the iron columns used in construction. The picture… read more »

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Charles Bage, the Flax Industry and Shrewsbury’s Iron-Framed Mills

Image: View of Ditherington Mill in April 2003, the world’s first completely iron-framed building. The factory was built… read more »

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Corn Mill, Cromford, Derbyshire

This corn mill was an example of the commercial facilities which developed to serve Cromford’s expanding population… read more »

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Metal Rolling

Image: Charles Clifford, Rolling Mills, Birmingham Image from: The New Illustrated Directory Entitled Men and Things of Modern England,… read more »

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Needle-Making Illustrated and Explained: A Guide through Washford Mills, Redditch

Front cover of Needle-Making Illustrated and Explained: A Guide through Washford Mills, Redditch Title page of Needle-Making… read more »

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Shrewsbury’s Industrial Context

Image: The main mill at Ditherington from the west, c.1945. Image from: Shropshire Archives Ditherington Mill developed as part… read more »

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Snuff Grinding

Image: Snuff Grinding: ruins of the snuff mill, wooden gearing and water wheel, Golden Valley, near Tickenhill, Bewdley… read more »

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The Ditherington Industrial Complex

Image: View of the main mill from the east showing the Shrewsbury Canal and the single-storey building… read more »

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The Ditherington Mill Industrial Site, Shrewsbury

Image: Ditherington Mill showing the malt kiln built by William Jones following the end of flax spinning in… read more »

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The Location of Ditherington Mill

Image: View of Ditherington Mill showing the Shropshire Canal and canal bridge in the foreground from an early… read more »

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Water wheel at the Corn Mill, Cromford, Derbyshire

Using the water supplied from the Bonsall Brook, this overshot waterwheel provided the energy to power corn-grinding… read more »

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Work and Labour

Image: The Snuff Mill, Golden Valley, near Tickenhill, Bewdley (early 20th century) [Image from: Bewdley Museum] 2. Work… read more »

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