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Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Abandoned Child

A Child left. WHEREAS on Friday Evening the 11th instant, a Male Child, supposed to be about… read more »

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Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – An Escape

AN ESCAPE. MARY TAYLOR, who escaped from the Custody of the Keeper of the County Gaol in… read more »

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Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Appeal for information about forged handbill

Birmingham, August 22 1791 WHEREAS it now appears, that amongst other insidious and unwarrantable Practices made use… read more »

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Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Request from Dr. Priestley for return of letters lost in riots

To the Printer of the Birmingham Gazette. SIR, I DO not now write to complain of my… read more »

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Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Request to return property looted in riots

WHEREAS it is well known that divers Persons still withhold Books, Paper and other Property belonging to… read more »

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Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Trial and Execution of Rioters

On Saturday the Commission for holding the Assize for this county, was opened before Mr. Baron Hotham,… read more »

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Entrance of Shrewsbury Gaol

Photograph by: Nabi Heydari (April 2003)

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Letter from Erasmus Darwin to James Watt, 1795/07/09

Darwin writes to Watt about one of the various law suits over the patents of Watt’s steam… read more »

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Letter from Erasmus Darwin to Matthew Boulton, 1785/01/26

Darwin writes to Boulton about Richard Arkwright’s difficulties over patents for his machinery. —————————————- Derby Jan 26-85… read more »

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