A Portrait of Rev. Joseph Priestley

Joseph Priestley: Scientist, Philosopher and Reformer Born into a Yorkshire wool manufacturing family in 1733, Priestley was… read more »

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Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Letter to Aris’s about Dr. Priestley and the Birmingham Riots

To the Inhabitants of the Town of Birmingham. Friends and Fellow Townsmen, IT is with extreme concern… read more »

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Sermon on the Slave Trade by Dr Joseph Priestley

A SERMON on the subject of THE SLAVE TRADE; delivered to a society of PROTESTANT DISSENTERS, at… read more »

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The Attack on Baskerville House

Image: Baskerville House, Residence of John Ryland Esq., from The Riots at Birmingham, July 1791. The publication was republished… read more »

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The Attack on Priestley’s House at Fair Hill

Image: The Rev Dr Priestley’s House and Laboratory, Fair Hill from The Riots at Birmingham, July 1791. The publication… read more »

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The Attack on the New and Old Meeting Houses

Image:The New Meeting from The Riots at Birmingham, July 1791. The publication was republished by Arthur Bache Matthews,… read more »

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The Attack on William Russell’s House at Showell Green

Image: The House of William Russell, Esq., Showell Green from The Riots at Birmingham, July 1791. Image by courtesy… read more »

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The Controversiad: A Poem

Frontispiece of the Controversiad by Gregory Dominic. THE CONTROVERSIAD; OR, A TIP AT THE RUCK. A POEM.… read more »

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