Carpet Making


Carpet Maker

The picture shows a carpet weaver at his loom. The loom consists of two long planks of… read more »

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Carpet Weaver

“The art of weaving carpets is carried on to a great extent in England at the present… read more »

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Handloom Weaving

Image: Carpet Weaver. N Whittock et al, The Complete Book of Trades (London, Marshall and Co., 1837). The image shows… read more »

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Made in Kidderminster: the History of the Carpet Industry

Image: Brinton’s Carpet factory, 1870 Brinton’s Carpet Factory, Vicar Street, Kidderminster, 1870. Print taken from a watercolour. By… read more »

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The Origins of Carpet Making in Kidderminster

Image: House on Mount Skipet, Kidderminster. This photograph shows a house before restoration in the 1980s which was… read more »

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