Carpet Weaver

1780 - 1840 (c.)

“The art of weaving carpets is carried on to a great extent in England at the present period, as they are now so generally used, not only by the more affluent classes of society, but by the middle, and even the more humble classes; indeed there are few decent journeymen mechanics who have not a carpet of some kind to spread over their apartment on particular occasions; and it is scarcely possible to go into the parlour of a tradesman or shopkeeper without finding the floor carpeted. This general demand does not tend to increase the price of carpets; on the contrary, such is the simple construction of the loom, and the process of weaving carpets is so easily taught, that the supply keeps pace with the demand, and the manufacturers compete with each other in the elegance of their patterns and excellence of their workmanship.”

Source: The Complete Book of Trades, or the Parents Guide and Youth’s Instructor in the Choice of a Trade, Business or Profession by N. Whittock

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Image courtesy of: Birmingham Central Library, Science and Technology
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