A View of Dudley from Easey Hill c. 1777 (Thomas Sanders)

DUDLEY, Anciently called DUDELEI IS situated at the northern extremity of the country; but the Castle belonging… read more »

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Advert for Old Bush Hotel, Dudley

Image from: The New Illustrated Directory Entitled Men and Things of Modern England, 1858

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Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Dudley Cheese Fair

DUDLEY CHEESE FAIR. WHEREAS great Complaints have arisen from exposing of Cheese to Sale, and weighing the… read more »

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Biography of Dud Dudley

Image: Front page of Dud Dudley’s Metallum Martis (Reprint of 1665 edition) Text: Malcolm Dick Image from: Local Studies and History, Birmingham… read more »

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Dudley Castle c. 1686 (M Burghers)

This is the earliest surviving print of Dudley Castle. An engraving on copper, it was produced by… read more »

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Dudley Castle South East View mid 19th century

This view of Dudley castle is taken from the same perspective as M Burgher in 1686. 200… read more »

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Dudley Castle. From the Keep mid 19th century

A panoramic view of the Renaissance buildings at Dudley Castle. Six Views of Dudley Castle, Drawn from… read more »

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Dudley Castle. From the Old Lime Quarry mid 19th century

The view of the Old Lime Quarry sets the distant castle within a geological and mining context.… read more »

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Dudley Castle. Interior of the South Gateway mid 19th century

“This picturesque view of a medieval gateway and Renaissance ruins is the first image in Six Views… read more »

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Dudley Castle. North Gateway mid 19th century

A picturesque view of a gateway and ruins. Six Views of Dudley Castle, Drawn from Nature, and… read more »

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Dudley Castle. Principal Entrance and Keep mid 19th century

Visitors to the Castle walk and relax in the grounds. An artist sketches in the foreground and… read more »

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South View of Dudley Castle in Stafford

Source: Samuel & Nathaniel Buck, Views of Ruins of Castles & Abbeys in England, Part 2, 1726-1739 (nd),… read more »

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Tapping the Blast-Furnace

Twice in the course of every twenty-four hours the base of the furnace is opened, and the… read more »

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The Industrial Landscape of the Black Country

Summary: The Black Country in the British Midlands was a distinct industrial district. It was incredibly rich in… read more »

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The Lime Strata Near Dudley: The Wren’s Nest, Dip East

William Hawkes Smith, Birmingham and its Vicinity as a Manufacturing and Commercial District (London and Birmingham, 1836).

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The Puddling-Furnace

In order to eliminate from the pig-iron the carbon and impurities with which, as it runs from… read more »

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The Tunnel-Head

The blast furnace, as the reader is probably aware, is allowed under ordinary circumstances to continue burning… read more »

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Views of Dudley Castle c. 1686-1876

Dudley is one of the four Black Country boroughs, alongside Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Today, the town… read more »

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