Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Dudley Cheese Fair

25 July 1791


WHEREAS great Complaints have arisen from exposing of Cheese to Sale, and weighing the same in the Streets, upon the Footpaths, within the Town of Dudley upon Fair Days, to remedy which, the Proprietors of the Markets and Fairs give Notice to all Cheese Factors, that the great Room in the Town-hall, and the Room under, will in future be provided and kept for the Warehousing of Cheese and Sale thereof; and that proper Scales and Weights will be provided, and every other Accommodation necessary to make the Situation agreeable to the Trade, and that less Tolls will be taken for Cheese lodged and weighed in this Place, than in other Situations in the Town; the Proprietors also think it right to inform the Cheese Factors, that they will be answerable during the Night Time, for all Cheese which shall be lodged with their Agent in the said Town-Hall.


Clerk to the Proprietors.
Himley, July 14, 1791.

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Image courtesy of: Birmingham Central Library
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