Chance Brothers & Co Glass Works, Smethwick, Registered Designs for Ornamental Modern Window Glass, 1867

Chance Brothers of Smethwick reassessed their manufacture of coloured and decorative window glass in the 1860s. In… read more »

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Globe Department: the Glass Blower

Image: Photo taken about 1940. It shows the right foot of the glass blower ready to press the… read more »

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Globe Department: Welding a Cathode Ray Tube

Image: Photo taken about 1940. It shows the welding of a special metal button into a Cathode… read more »

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Glory Hole (1852-54) for Crown Window Glass Production

Image from: Photo taken during 1945-1946 demolition. It depicts the glory hole which is integral to the rectangular… read more »

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Optical Department: Open Pots after Cooling

Image: Photo taken about 1940. The photo shows two full open pots after cooling and just prior to… read more »

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Optical Department: Pot being set into a Furnace

Image: Photo taken about 1940. The same furnace as on photo 2. This shows an empty pot… read more »

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Optical Department: Two Pot Furnace

Image: Photo taken about 1940. This two pot furnace accommodated 38” diameter covered pots. The furnace number is… read more »

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Rectangular Chimney built for Glory Hole

Image: Photo taken during 1945-1946 during the demolition of Number 3, 8 and 12 glasshouses. It shows the… read more »

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Rectangular Chimney for Glory Hole and Circular Chimney

Image: Photo taken during 1945-1946 during the demolition of Number 3, 8 and 12 glasshouses. The rectangular chimney… read more »

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Stonemason’s Shop: Dressing a Rolled-plate Machine Sill

Image: Photo taken mid 1950’s. It shows the Stonemason’s Shop with the stonemason, George Farnsworth is shown… read more »

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The Infinite Uses of Glass: Chance Brothers, Glassmakers of Smethwick

Image: Hyper-radial single flashing light. Typical Illustrations of the Lighthouse Work of Chance Brothers and Co. Limited Birmingham… read more »

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The Spon Lane School, 1845

Image: The Spon Lane Schools, Smethwick built by Chance Brothers, Glassmakers (1845) from an original design in watercolour.… read more »

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Tithe Maps

Image: Tithe Map of Smethwick Image from: Birmingham City Archives Tithe maps mark the end of an era. From… read more »

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Works Fire Engine

Image: Photos taken about 1950. The works fire brigade was formed in 1848 and this example of a… read more »

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