Anna Seward and her Poetry

Image: Frontispiece from Llangollen Vale with other Poems by Anna Seward, London, Third Edition, 1796 Birmingham Central Library 5. Anna… read more »

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Herva at the Tomb of Argantyr by Anna Seward

[from “Llangollen Vale with Other Poems”] (22) HERVA*, AT THE TOMB OF ARGANTYR A RUNIC DIALOGUE HERVA.… read more »

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Illustrations of the Black Country Landscape

Though these 16 images date from the 1870s, they represent a long-established view of the Black Country,… read more »

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James Keir and the Geology and Industry of the Black Country: Mineralogy of the South-west part of Staffordshire, 1798

Image: The Wren’s Nest from The Black Country – Sixteen Etchings of Scenes in the Coal and Iron… read more »

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Map of the Mining and Manufacturing District of South Staffordshire, Warwickshire, etc.

William Hawkes Smith, Birmingham and its Vicinity as a Manufacturing and Commercial District (London and Birmingham, 1836).… read more »

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The Staffordshire Potteries Directory: An Account of the Pottery Manufacture

Published in 1802, this Directory is one of the first written accounts of the pottery towns, Tunstall,… read more »

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Time Past by Anna Seward

[from “Llangollen Vale with Other Poems”] ( 41 ) TO TIME PAST WRITTEN DEC. 1772. RETURN, blest… read more »

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