The Crucifixion

Image from: Cathedral Church of St Philip, Birmingham

The window is dominated by an image of Christ who hangs lifeless from the cross. He is framed by a deep blue sky and a mass of red Roman banners. The colours link the image of Christ with the onlookers and soldiers who are also clad in blue and red.

The onlookers include three standing women. Mary, the grieving mother of Jesus gazes towards her son. She wears a delicately patterned blue dress and her head is framed with a red halo. A second woman in a white veil provides comfort. A third supports the second and holds a piece of brown cloth.

The disciple John gazes at Christ and presses against the cross. He wears green and has a green patterned halo. A crowd of people inhabit the rear of the scene. They wear turbans and direct their eyes towards the cross and the Roman soldier who stands behind John and aims his spear at Christ’s side. A second soldier on the other side directs his lance towards Christ. Other soldiers hold the banners which frame the figure of Christ. The walls of Jerusalem rise above the heads of the onlookers.

Mary Magdalene kneels at the foot of the cross.


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