Soup Tureen, G.R.Collis & Co. 1837

Image from: Birmingham Assay Office. Photograph by Kinson Chan 

Robert Stephenson (1803-1859) did a good deal of the design work for the famous locomotive Rocket produced by his father George. Following its success on the Liverpool & Manchester railway, Robert was appointed in 1833 Chief Engineer of the Birmingham – London railway, the first line to enter London. Despite a number of difficult civil engineering challenges, construction was successfully completed in 1838.

This tureen was designed as a presentation: “To Robert Stephenson Esqr. Engineer-in-Chief of the London and Birmingham Railway. A tribute of respect and esteem from the members of the Engineering Department who were employed under him in the execution of that great work. Presented on the eve of their gradual separation. December 23d, 1837”.


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