Charcoal Burning Tools

Image: Charcoal burning in the Wyre Forest. [Image from: Bewdley Museum]

7. Charcoal Burning Tools (1) 

A man is tending the clamp using a long-handled shovel. To his left are some of his tools:
• An axe.
• A barrel for holding water, two buckets and a yoke for carrying them.
• A basket for collecting charcoal and sacks for transporting the product
• A metal artefact, possibly a brazier. Please contact the Revolutionary Players team if you are able to identify this object.
To his right are two windbreaks. In the background, behind the trees are a dome-shaped clamp ready for firing (left) and a charcoal burner’s hut (right).

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Image courtesy of: Wyre Forest District Council
Donor ref: 154 C4

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