Saddlers’ Ironmongery

1800 - 1900 (c.)

Image: Advert for E. Burton, Wholesale Saddler, Walsall

Image from: The New Illustrated Directory Entitled Men and Things of Modern England, 1858

Text: Taken from the original Directory

Local Studies and History, Central Library, Birmingham


A large branch of trade, both in Birmingham and in the neighbouring town of Walsall includes, as its name imports, all the iron-work which belongs to a rider’s equipment, such as bits, spurs, stirrups, curb chains, harness buckles &c. in some instances, especially at Walsall, manufacturers confine themselves to the production of these articles; but the trade is not infrequently unite with general brass founding and particularly with Coach Ironmongery, including gig and carriage lamps, door handles, steps, springs, screws and other fastenings and indeed all kinds of coach fittings or furniture that are usually made out of metal.