Letter from Erasmus Darwin to Matthew Boulton, 1800/02/23

23 February 1800

Darwin writes to recommend Mr Edwards as a solicitor to Boulton.


Derby Feb. 23, 1800

Dear Boulton

There was a few days ago a meeting at Barton to consider about inclosing the Forest of Needwood, in which I understand you are interested, and I trouble you with this line to recommend to your notice, and solicit your interest for my friend Mr Edwards of this town, the partener of my late Son, who wishes to be employ’d as one of the solicitors (if the inclosure proceeds) by the advise of some of his friends, who are interested in the inclosure.

Mr Edwards was partner with my late Son, and I have now a younger son Clerk to him, and I know him to be a man of ability and activity, and of distinct integrity and honor in his profession.

I shall hope to have the pleasure of seeing you either here or at Soho sometime in the summer, and am, dear Boulton, your old and affectionate friend

E Darwin

I shall be indeed much obliged to you for this favor, and hope you will consider that my recommending a deserving character is an act of friendship, as well as your employing him.

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