Letter from Erasmus Darwin to Matthew Boulton, 1794/10/08

8 October 1794

Darwin requests Boulton help in obtaining aerated water for the treatment of a patient.


Derby Oct 8-94

Dear Boulton

I remember you mention’d, that you procured aerated alcaline water either in London or Birmingham, which was better than you could easily make at home. – Now I have a patient, who had I think a small stone in his bladder, left after having frequently made bloody urine, and I am giving him aerated water, with half an ounce of sal soda to the pint – but could wish to have it better impregnated with the carbonic acid gas.

Pray send me a line of direction, where it can be had – and any other observations, you may have made on the subject. I hope you are quite well of your own gravelly complaint, for my part, I grow old; – that is a disease your juvenile spirits will never submit to. Adieu

With compliments to your family

From your affectly

E Darwin