Letter from Erasmus Darwin to Matthew Boulton, 1782/12/26

26 December 1782

Darwin writes to Boulton requesting repayment of a loan. He also speaks of his regret at no longer being able to meet with the Lunar Society, after his move to Derby.


Derby Dec 26-82

Dear Boulton,

I have purchased a house here and furnished it, which has rather distress’d me for money; that if you could repay me the 200£, it would be a great convenience to me, and I hope not a great inconvenience to you. For this purpose I will at any time send over a proper receipt to you at Soho, or should be happy to see you here, as may be most agreable to you – or will meet you at Lichfield any day you may fix.

I am here cut of[f] from the milk of science, which flows in such redundant streams from you learned lunations; which, I can assure you, is a very great regret to me. I hope Master Matthew rises in growth and abilities, and will rival the activity of his father. I assure you I wish much to make a visit to Soho, which if the Lord permit I intend to perform next summer. Pray if you think of it, make my devoirs to the learned Insane of you society, and believe me,

Yours sincerely

E Darwin

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