Letter from Erasmus Darwin to Matthew Boulton, 1778/04/21

21 April 1778

Darwin again enquires after the Kauffmann prints he asked to be framed at Soho.


Dear Boulton

I am sorry to tease you so much about the prints of Mrs Kaufman, which you was so good as to promise to buy for me, and to direct them to be framed. Now as you are going to London the favour I want to beg of [you] is to know whether the said prints are bought?whether the framing them is directed? And thirdly the name of the workman I may write to every week during your absence?

Pray let me have one line from you on this subject before you go.

If you do not send word, what workman of yours I may write to about them, I shall not trust to your letter, nor ever expect to have the prints, but shall come over to Soho in your absence, and search out the shop they are laid bye in, and carry them off by force and arms,


I beg my best compl. to Mrs Boulton and am,

your affect. friend

E Darwin

Apr. 21-78

Pray when and where does Mr Keir intend to reside in you horizon.

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Image creators: Dr Darwin, Erasmus (Creator)
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