Letter from Erasmus Darwin to Matthew Boulton, 1767/07/29

29 July 1767

Darwin writes to Boulton of various financial matters and a recent visit to Derbyshire.



Dear Boulton

I have paid Mr Cob 6-7-0 for your Acct. and desire you will pay Mr Baumgartner when you settle with him, I mean four guineas for one Chest of Florence and 43 shillings for a half Chest. I still owe him for six Buckets but don’t know what the amount to.

I want to see you and Dr Small much, if you will fix a Day, I will send an Express to prevent you if I am absent.

I have been to the Bowels of old Mother Earth, and seen Wonders and learnt much curious Knowledge in the Regions of Darkness – pray tell Dr Small I have taken the Liberty to set a Person to transcribe his Papers, and am much obliged to him for the Lone of them. I have seen the two Tissingtons, subterranean Genii! And am going to make innumerable Experiments on aqueous, sulphureous, metallic, and saline Vapours. Food for Fire-Engines! – Adieu, the Lord defend you,

E Darwin

Jul. 29-67

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Image creators: Dr Darwin, Erasmus (Creator)
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