Letter from Erasmus Darwin to Matthew Boulton, 1764/11/03

3 November 1764

“Darwin attempts to mediate between Boulton and a Mr Baker due to a disagreement between the two.


Lichfd. Nov. 3. 1764.

Dear Boulton

I sent to you a few Hours after you was gone to have paid you the Money for the Hay. Please by a Line to tell me who I must pay it to.

– I hope whenever it is agreeable to you we shall have the Pleasure of your and Mrs Boulton’s Company at [our?] House: – I must say I am sorry you and Mr Barker could not make up your disagreement, as I believe the affair was misunderstood on both Sides: and am afraid Friend Bleckham was but an unskilful Mediator, and rather widen’d than knit up the Breach between you. –

“For Instance. “Mrs Boulton did not know that Mr Boulton had such Connection with Mr Barker.” Answ. “He should have inform’d her better.” – This is very different from Mr Bleckam’s account: etc. etc. etc. – But I am also told, but observe I don’t believe it, that Mr Barker ask’d Mr Boulton how He did at the Play, and recieved no Answer. – Well! I wish I could reconcile you! – Do come to Lichfield.

Meddleing with other People’s Affairs I had nearly forgot my own, viz to remind Mr Boulton of a promise He made me to send me a Piece or two of his Female-Chape-Pieces to make me a Fender with – but this is not if it is any Trouble or Inconvenience at all.

Mrs Darwin joins with me in our best Compliments and Wishes to Mrs Boulton and yourself,

From your affect. Friend and Serv.

E Darwin.

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