Letter from Erasmus Darwin to Matthew Boulton, 1762


Darwin writes to Boulton about the experiments of Dr. Petit and Dr. Franklin


Dear Boulton

Dr Petit desires I would use my Interest with your Worship, to procure him a Thermometer or two – now why won’t you sell those Thermometers, for I want one also myself. He is gong to try thermometrical Experiments upon the cold Water at Scarborough, where he is gone to practis Medecine – Have you call’d down no Rain to Birmingham yet? What’s become of Walker? – Dr Petit desire you’ll write a Paper and become a Member of the R.S.

I am told Dr Franklin has wrote a very nonsensical Paper on Fire, knowing nothing of Chemistry.


E Darwin.

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Image creators: Dr Darwin, Erasmus (Creator)
Image courtesy of: Birmingham Archives
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