Letter from Charles Bage to William Strutt, 1815/01/02

My Dear Sir

Soon after my last letter to you our youngest son, from apparently perfect health was seized with convulsions, which though not violent, were alarming. Mrs Bage in consequence gave up all thoughts of paying her respects to you, and my intention was to go alone and to be with you today as proposed. But I was disappointed by not receiving a line from you yesterday, owing, as I infer from the date of your letter which I received today, to its being put into the Post Office on Friday morning too late for the Lichfield Mail.

I durst not venture to visit you without first hearing from you, not knowing whether you were at home, and if at home whether you might have company.

Mrs Bage has been much mortified at the thoughts of losing her Derby Journey, so that we have now resolved to visit you on Sunday next with our eldest daughter, provided we hear nothing from you in the mean time. And I shall send this by a purpose messenger to Lichfield tomorrow morning, that it may not be a night on the road.

In hopes of renewing the pleasure I have so often experienced in your society I remain dear Sir yours very truly

Charles Bage


Hardingês Esq


near Tamworth