Letter from Charles Bage to William Strutt, 1810/08/05

Dear Sir

You have given me the priviledge of plaguing you on condition of allowing you a great deal of time for answering; but as people are never satisfied with what they possess but always struggle to augment their power; so I am now very desirous of encroaching on you for a line per return of post. I have heard rumours of improved modes of bleaching in Lancashire, about Manchester, or Preston, or Wigan, of the employment of steam; of using no ashes &c. If there is anything new and worth notice I think you are probably acquainted with it; and will tell me in what its value consists. The moment I receive your answer I shall set off for Leeds; and it will depend on what you say whether I stop in Lancashire or not. If you can refer me to any individual and would favour me with a line of introduction I should be doubly obliged.

By way of postscript you may just say whether you have set up a mangle of 3 rollers of the kind you mentioned to me as made in London _ and whether your ladies are perfectly satisfied with it _ I am Dear Sir

your much obliged and obedient servant

Charles Bage

Aug 5