Letter from Charles Bage to William Strutt, 1803/10/22

Dear Sir

I am now troubling you on a subject very different from Mechanics. Mrs Bage is much interested to ascertain the real talents of a Mrs Turner of London who undertakes to dissipate tumours of the breasts and other similar affections. I believe she at present enjoys a high degree of reputation, which however is by no means conclusive.

Amongst her references is one to Mrs Ward of Derby, daughter of I think of a Revd Mr Hopner of Nottingham who she says she has cured of a complaint in her life that had baffled John Hunter. Will you allow me to trespass on your goodness to learn what credit is due to her on that account, and in any other case that may have fallen within your observations. There is an instance in Shrewsbury of a Lady having a large hard tumour dissipated by her effectively – but one case proves nothing. – Please to present my respectful compts to Mrs Shott and believe me Dear Sir

your obliged and obed servt

Chas Bage


Oct 22 1803