Aris’s Birmingham Gazette – Appeal for calm during riots

18 July 1791


BIRMINGHAM, July 16, 1791.

Friends and Fellow Countrymen,

IT is earnestly requested, that every TRUE FRIEND to the CHURCH OF ENGLAND, and to the LAWS OF HIS COUNTRY, will reflect how much a Continuance of the PRESENT PROCEEDINGS must injure THAT CHURCH and THAT KING they are intended to SUPPORT; and how HIGHLY UNLAWFUL it is to DESTROY the RIGHTS and PROPERTY of ANY of our Neighbours. And all TRUE FRIENDS to the TOWN and TRADE of BIRMINGHAM in particular, are INTREATED to FORBEAR immediately from all RIOTOUS and VIOLENT PROCEEDINGS; dispersing and returning peaceably to their Trades and Callings, as the ONLY WAY to do CREDIT to THEMSELVES and their CAUSE and to promote the PEACE, HAPPINESS, and PROSPERITY of this GREAT and FLOURISHING TOWN.

BIRMINGHAM, Sunday, July 17, 1791.

Important Information to the Friends of CHURCH and KING.

Friends and Fellow Churchmen.

Being convinced you are unacquainted, that the great Losses which are sustained by your burning and destroying of the Houses of so many Individuals, will eventually fall upon the Country at large, and not upon the Persons to whom they belonged, We feel it our Duty to inform you, that the Damages already done, upon the best Computation that can be made, will amount to upwards of

One Hundred Thousand Pounds,

the whole of which enormous Sum will be charged upon the respective Parishes, and paid out of the Rates. We therefore, as your Friends, conjure you immediately to desist from the Destruction of any more Houses; otherwise the very Proceedings of your Zeal for shewing your Attachment to the CHURCH and KING, will inevitably be the Means of most seriously injuring innumerable Families, who are hearty Supporters of Government, and bring on an Addition of Taxes which yourselves, and the rest of the Friends of the Church, will for Years feel a very grievous Burthen.

This we assure you was the Case in London, when there were so many Houses, and Public Buildings burnt and destroyed in the Year 1780, and you may rely upon it will be the Case on the present occasion.

And we must observe to you that any further violent Proceedings will more offend your KING and COUNTRY than serve the Cause of HIM and the CHURCH.

Fellow Churchmen,

As you Love your King, regard his Laws, and Restore Peace.


Robert Lawley
Rob. Lawley, jnr.
R. Moland,
W, Digby
Edward Carver
Job(?) Brooke
Henry Gresw, Lewis
Charles Curtis
Spencer Madan
Edward Palmer
W.Wallis Mason

The above very earnest entreaty and serious remonstrance of the Noble Earl, of the Magistrates of the principal Gentlemen of the neighbourhood, of the two Rectors and Inhabitants of the town, who are all so firmly attached to their KING, and the present Constitution both in CHURCH and STATE, will, we trust, have their due effect; and that all the friends to the existing Government, every true Church and King’s Man will retire to their respective Homes, and thereby set an example of that peace and order which is now become so essential to this Town and Neighbourhood.

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Image courtesy of: Birmingham Central Library
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